• Nov 10 2017

    Apron Sink

    We made stainless steel apron sink one of the features in our "Green Homes"  It is a type of kitchen sink with the front apron exposed, we used a curved front to match our homes that are usually between contemporary and traditional. Like everything else in the ...

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  • Sep 29 2017

    Deck Tiles

    We've recently installed these 24" x 24" Outdoor Deck tiles with adjustable Pedestals on a Lakehouse down in Bullard, TX. They are incredible and very durable for  patios,  roof decks, and balconies. When it rains, all the water will drain the gaps between the tiles  and ...

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  • Jul 4 2017

    Kichler 43848WHLED30

    Getting tired of those bulky can lights? Switch to this! Kichler 43848WHLED30 Pyramid Homes recently started using this 7” wide Energy star certified LED flush mount ceiling light from Kichler on their new home constructions. This light is the replacement for the can lights, hall lights, eave lights, porch lights and ...

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  • Jul 16 2015

    Spray Foam Insulation

    WHY USE SPRAY FOAM INSULATION? Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is better than any other type of insulation at reducing air leakage. With foamed-in-place insulation, it is relatively easy (though not inexpensive) to fill wall and ceiling cavities completely. Closed-cell spray foam provides a higher R-value per inch (6.5) than less expensive ...

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  • Aug 14 2017

    Green Building & Energy Efficiency-

    Are you interested in saving environmental resources and saving money? This section will help you learn about green, energy-efficient and sustainable construction so you can create your own green dream home. Find out about energy-efficiency tax credits, locate a Certified Green Professional builder or remodeler in your community and more.&...

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