Pyramid Homes does build a nice home. Working with all the staff throughout the process is always such a breeze. Everyone here gets things done in a professional and timely manner with no confusion. This makes the build a breeze and makes for a nicer home!

Pyramid Homes made my building experience a breeze. The quality of materials they used was top of the line. My favorite part of my house is the Kitchen. I can not believe the Quality of the cabinets. you can tell they were made by a custom cabinet shop, not prefabricated cabinets. Thank you for everything you did for me Anwar. It was a pleasure working with you!

I have been in my home almost 9 months and I still love it. Anwar and all the people at Pyramid homes are so nice and helpful. I have always wanted to build a green home and have been amazed with the one Anwar has built for me. I love it and would recommend Pyramid Homes to all my family and friends.

I want to personally recommend Pyramid Homes as the home to buy. We have lived in our home for 8 years. The homes are very well built and in our dealings with Anwar and his staff we have, at all times, been met with honesty and a very quick response.

LOVE Pyramid Homes! Very beautiful and energy efficient homes with lots of floor plans available. No wasted space perfect use of space in these homes.

Great homes!

Anwar and his staff are friendly and knowledgeable and build magnificent energy efficient homes that will take your breath away. Not to mention all the good they do in the community for children in need.

Very professional to all customers & subcontractors.

They only use the highest quality products there is, their houses are so efficient. 

Anwar’s expertise in building green homes and Nina’s willingness to always go above and beyond for customer service pair for the perfect team. We are so pleased with our home and recommend Pyramid Homes to anyone looking for a builder. Thank you Anwar and Nina for making it such a fun and pleasant experience!

If you need a home check it out! You will not be disappointed.

They built my home just over a year ago and I love it so much!! Beautiful, efficient, and I really like the neighborhood too!

We bought our home from here last yr, a green home is absolutely the way  to go it's so efficient and well built. The builder Anwar is there for  you during and after the purchase. I strongly recommend if your in the  market for a new home to check them out you will definitely get the most  for your money.

My electric bill last month was $39.00, three bedroom home. Not sure what else to say. Great job! Great house!

I was very happy with the personalities of all of the people I dealt with. Nina, Anwar, and Casey were all exceptional

I have a gold level home. It is over 2400 sq ft with a pool and hot tub. I keep the air on 72-74 every day of the week. My June electric bill was $180. Anwar really knows how to build an efficient home.

It has been a pleasure to work with Pyramid homes to build our dream home. The construction and details met all our expectations in a personalized and timely manner. Anwar is an excellent professional always focus in customer satisfaction and high quality of product as well as energy efficiency and green building.

The overall experience exceeded expectations. I have heard horror stories from people who have used other builders. This was a relatively low stress process.

Pyramid homes is by far the best builder in all of east Texas (all of Texas as far as I'm concerned)!!! They made the process so easy for me and my family. I work 60-70 hours a week and they had no problems meeting me several times after hours! Their entire staff from President to secretary are amazing! So helpful and courteous and always smiling! I have told everyone I've come in contact with since starting this process, to please give Pyramid Homes a shot. I'll recommend them to everyone I talk to. Thank you Anwar for making this experience so easy and so fun. You are the BEST!!

I had a great experience with the company and would recommend them to anyone.

Many nice touches that the designer included in the building of our home, things that we had never thought of. They floor plan is very nice, we live on a lake and the design is great for our viewing area, feel it maximizes all our lot has to offer.

I love being Anwar's Favorite Customer!! At least that's what he tells me I am. Even if I am really not, it doesn't bother me at all. What matters is that he ALWAYS treats me like I am his Favorite customer. I am very pleased with our home. This is our second year here and everything he promised, he delivered. What more could you ask for?

Know his business. Has good professional people. Stands by his work. The job was completed in a timely manner, very accommodating. Yes we would recommend Pyramid a Homes.

Pyramid Homes built our beautiful, energy efficient 5/3 home! We love the quality of work and the space it gives our family. They have always been easy to work with and just a phone call away when an issue arises.

Pyramid Homes started our custom home project in October 2015 and it is now only 3 weeks from completion. Our new home is being built as a "green house-energy efficient home"! We have spoken to previous clients of Pyramid and they stated that their energy bills have been lowered a great deal! Therefore, we are excited to see just how much we will save also.

We are truly pleased with the quality of the work up to this point! Not only that, but the cooperativeness of the contractor and his assistant has been great!

Thank You Pyramid Homes

My husband and I are getting our home built buy Pyramid Homes, and we have had a wonderful experience so far. Anwar and his team are friendly and very helpful in explaining and helping with each step of the building process.

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